Carhartt Workwear Linings

Carhartt outerwear and workwear can be your best friend through all the seasons. Each lining is engineered to provide a specific level of comfort and warmth. Find here the right Carhartt lining for your climate, for just the right amount of comfort and warmth day in and out.

Arctic Quilt Lining

Take cover with maximum warmth from nylon taffeta quilted to a layer of high-loft polyester batting in Carhartt’s warmest lining. Great for lower activity levels or extreme cold, where it’s critical to keep in body heat.

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Sherpa Lining

Enjoy cozy warmth without too much bulk with this 7-ounce pile lining of 70% acrylic and 30% polyester fibers. The nubby pile lining wicks moisture away from the skin for dryer, warmer outerwear.

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Quilt Flannel Lining

Pull on softness and warmth without layering with 100% brushed polyester tricot quilted to polyester batting.

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Midweight Quilt Lining

A great outer layer in moderate conditions, this durable smooth nylon taffeta with resilient polyester batting gives warmth without bulk.

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Blanket Lining

Medium insulation for active times in non-bulky acrylic/polyester blended to provide a layer of warmth, especially welcome on cold mornings. You’ll feel the comfort of a warm blanket enveloping you as you go about your work.

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Thermal Lining

Stay warm with 100% polyester raschel knit for an extra layer of comfort and warmth in cool weather.

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