Carhartt Workwear Fabrics

Carhartt Cotton Canvas – Comfortable And Durable

Carhartt canvas workwear clothing is made with lightweight 7.5 and 8.5-ounce 100% cotton canvas. The Carhartt canvas pants and shorts are garment-washed with detergent and softeners to provide a broken-in feel from the start. While keeping you cool and comfortable, Carhartt canvas clothing is durable to resist abrasion, rips and cuts.

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Carhartt Cotton Denim – Quality & Design

Denim workwear by Carhartt sets the standard for quality and design. While Carhartt denim is designed to be strong enough for the job site, it also looks great for weekend wear. Carhartt denim workwear comes in the variety of finishes below.

Carhartt Washed Denim Workwear – The deep blue of this 15-ounce, 100% cotton denim workwear is achieved by washing with detergent and softeners to create a broken-in feel and a slightly lighter color.

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Carhartt Rigid Denim Workwear - The deep blue denim of this unwashed, rigid denim is available in different weights for a variety of 100% cotton denim workwear items - 10, 11.75 and 15-ounce cotton stands the test of time.

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Carhartt Darkstone Denim Workwear – These denim workwear items are washed with detergent and softeners for a medium blue color and that broken-in feel you love. Available in 11.75 and 15-ounce 100% cotton denim, Carhartt darkstone denim looks great and holds up well.

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Carhartt Stonewash Denim Workwear – A light blue color and comfortable broken-in feel is created when this hard-working denim is washed with detergent, softeners and bleach. You’ll find Carhartt sandstone denim clothing available in 15-ounce 100% cotton denim.

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Carhartt Cotton Duck Workwear – The Traditional Choice

Cotton duck fabric is known for quality, durability and comfort, making it a great choice for workwear at any tough job. Carhartt's duck line is made of heavyweight 12-ounce 100% ring spun cotton duck. It is tightly woven with no gaps where the yarns interlace, making it resistant to wind and snags. In addition, many Carhartt duck outerwear items are treated to provide water repellency. The Carhartt line of duck outerwear offers three different finished looks: firm duck, sandstone duck and washed duck cotton.

Carhartt Firm Duck Workwear – Workwear made from firm duck has a firm, stiff feel when new, as it is made from 100% unwashed duck cotton.

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Carhartt Sandstone Duck Workwear – Created from the same 100% cotton duck fabric, sandstone duck workwear is micro-sanded to achieve a brushed look and then garment-washed with detergent and softeners for a broken-in feel. Sandstone duck has a much softer hand than firm duck.

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Carhartt Washed Duck Workwear – Different yet from sandstone duck, washed duck has a broken-in, soft feel minus the brushed look. This fabric is washed with detergent and softeners to achieve the rugged yet comfortable look.

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Carhartt Drill Workwear – Cool Cotton

Carhartt drill workwear is made with 100% 9.5-ounce cotton drill, a fabric that’s designed to keep you cool while you work. Carhartt Painter/Carpenter bibs, pants and shorts are available in cotton drill. Great for everyday use around the farm, shop or job site, Carhartt drill workwear comes with all the pockets and tool loops you need to keep important items handy.

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Carhartt Extremes™ - Stay Comfortable

When you work in extreme conditions, you need to stay warm and dry. Carhartt Extremes™ workwear is water repellent, wind resistant and extremely durable, with a shell of 1000 Denier Cordura┬« Plus Nylon by DuPont. For the toughest of conditions, Arctic Lining will keep you warm while mesh-lined Extremes are great for moderate cold or moisture.

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Carhartt Knits And Sweats – Freedom Of Movement

Carhartt sweats and knits are made of high-quality, 100% cotton or cotton blends. You’ll find the stretchy, supple fabrics provide excellent fit, style, and freedom of movement, whether you’re relaxing at home or layering clothes on the job.

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