Home Page Slider

The main content section for this feature is in a ReadyTheme Content Section 'sfnt-slider'.

As you can see, the images get uploaded to /mm5/5.00/graphics/sfntSliders/. They can be uploaded to overwrite an existing image or you can simply change the name referenced in the above content sections. Additionally, you can have an overlay "caption" by changing the Title string, and the images can be linked to products and pages.

Duration and other feature controls are set and initiated through a jQuery call in the Global Footer of the site.

Additional settings and options can be found at bxslider.com. This feature is also supported by a CSS file (/bxslider.css) and javascript file (bxslider.js).

Product Tabs

If there is nothing available for the conditional product tabs, leave them blank. Anything in there will trigger the tab display. Customers might be annoyed by clicking on a tab to see nothing or "N/A".